Current Series

Current Series

Way back in 1517, this one event forever changed the landscape of Christianity and the world as we know it.  After centuries of abuse, Martin Luther rocked the boat of the oppressive religious leaders who were creating waves inside of souls rather than calming them. God used Luther to shine the bright light of the Bible — truths that most of the Church had either forgotten, never heard of, or rejected. 500 years later, these truths are still shocking and revolutionary.  More importantly, they still bring the only kind of peace that can take our troubled and tempted hearts and make them…still.

October 1:       God Still Saves       (Christ Alone)
This week we see that our salvation is accomplished in Christ, and Christ alone. 500 years ago, people traded grace for self-validation. Today, the same self-help theology is seen in those who, if they even admit a need for a Savior, only want part of him. However, where Jesus doesn’t work completely, there can be no certainty. Thus, half a millennium later, the Savior, who literally calmed the raging seas, still calms hearts for all time. Still.

October 8:      God Still Speaks     (Scripture Alone)
This week we will see that God’s Word – and God’s Word alone – is life’s priority. 500 years ago, the main source for spiritual authority was hidden away behind priestly power and man-made tradition. Priests and politics took center stage. Today, God’s Word is more accessible than ever yet is attacked by whatever is culturally current and socially attractive, if given a second look at all. And still, half a millennium later, the truth brings calming answers like nothing else can. Still.

October 15:     God Still Gives        (Grace Alone)
This week we see that God did what we never could by giving us a life of eternal worth. 500 years ago, people banked on the false hope that God would give a little help and you had to do the rest. Today, work righteousness is seen in mantras like, “God helps those who help themselves” or modicums like “All you got to do is…” If true, how could you ever know if you have done enough? We can’t. Thus, half a millennium later we still rejoice in a God who saves by grace alone. Still.

October 22:     God Still Works      (Faith Alone)
This week we see that our connection to Christ comes from the work God does by himself. 500 years ago, people thought that their faith was based on God's work plus what they added with their own work.  They trusted the wrong people and the wrong words to get them to heaven.  Today, people are still trusting the wrong thing, thinking that belief in God makes really no difference at all.  However, the connection we have to Christ, the life we have in God’s family cannot come from us.  Rather, it comes from a God who works faith in us.  This faith still works in making hearts still.

October 29:    God Still Gets         (To God Alone be Glory)
This week we acknowledge that God alone deserves the glory for the rescue he has accomplished for us. 500 years ago people were more likely to give glory to their rituals and behavior than to God. Today people very interested in how God should glorify us with happiness and fulfillment, but not so interested in finding happiness and fulfillment in the gifts God has already given. Therefore, half a millennium later, we still confess that God has saved us in Christ, and we are more than happy to thank him by saying, “To God alone be the glory!” Still.