Bible Studies



Sunday Mornings
THE CHURCH & ME                                                                                  August 6 – September 24
God has brought his people together into his eternal Church.  Through Christ we will enjoy this blessed family forever.  While we live on earth, we still have opportunities to appreciate God’s family.  This Bible study takes you through some of the blessings of the church and how you can be a blessing to your church.

A RETURN TO GRACE                                                                                                   October 1 – 22
This study works with the 2017 Reformation film of the same name. Participants will explore how the Reformation and Martin Luther impacted the world both in 1517 and today, using four excerpts from the film. Discussing and applying what they saw, they will be led to a deeper understanding of this important milestone in Lutheranism. The lessons are:
  • Grace Hidden
  • Grace Rediscovered
  • Grace Defended
  • Grace Confessed and Enduring
364 DAYS OF THANKSGIVING                                                                               November 5 – 19
We celebrate Thanksgiving annually, but what about the other 364 days of the year? Through these lessons participants will recognize the blessings they've been given and who the Giver is, that their lives may be daily renewed with thankfulness to God and others.

HAVE YOURSELF A MERRY LITTLE CHRISTmas                                  November 26 – Dec 17
Christmas cannot focus on anything else but Christ or else it isn’t Christmas anymore.  This Bible study will help keep the focus of this frenzied season where it needs to be.
EZRA                                                                                                                    January 7 – January 21
How long has it been since you read through the book of Ezra?  Maybe you’d be honest enough to admit, “I’ve never read it even once!”  And then a few other thoughts might pop into your mind, “What is the book of Ezra all about?  Why is it even in the Bible?”  Here’s your chance to find out.

MICAH                                                                                                                 February 4 – March 18
Living at a crucial time in Israel’s history, Micah was called as a prophet to announce the Lord’s impending judgment and his renewing grace for those who repented. God’s purifying judgment was about to descend on Israel.  The trouble was that the people could not see nor did they wish to see what lay in the future.  They rather deluded themselves with the idea that God could never send his judgment on them since they were his people.  But Israel had violated God’s covenant willfully, repeatedly, and faithlessly.  Now the time of reckoning was near.  Micah was one of those prophets who ministered to God's people in this last-minute situation.  He fearlessly delivered the Lord’s message of sin and grace to his contemporaries. 

BIBLICAL DEFINITIONS                                                                                               April 8 – May 13
Words mean something.  They mean something at work, at home, at school, and in the Bible.  Sometimes those words that God used in Scripture show up in our world in a whole new way.  Then, that new way starts to be what we think about when we see it in God’s Word.  So it’s good to go back and get the meaning for some of these words God uses from God himself rather than from the popular understanding going on today.  This Bible study will explore some of those words and help get back to the Biblical definitions.

Monday Men’s Faith and Football
30 minutes with Luther                                                 September 11 – December 18, 6:30pm
500 years ago he changed the world, but it wasn’t his ideas, his passion, or his power.  It was the gospel of Jesus Christ.  This study helps us briefly review the teachings of Scripture that Luther treasured and those that built the Reformation.  Another added benefit of this study is the fellowship afterward. 

Wednesday Bible Night
Catechism (6-8 Grade), Adults, Women                                   September 13 – May 23, 6pm
Building on the first year, we are again excited to meet with our brothers and sisters at Redeemer for this growth opportunity.  Pastors Wolfe and Moldenhauer will split time between the Catechism class and the adult studies, while Mrs. Wolfe and Mrs. Moldenhauer will share the women’s study.  We are also hoping to include childcare for families who have younger kids.